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You find yourself at: Why us?

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Quietness, complete privacy and wonderful surrounding scenery – these are from our point of wiew the most valuable things you´ll find at our place. Because of fulfilling this goal we present the apartman in complex.
Come and gain new energy that is so necessary to get over the pressure of present age. No hordes of people, no noises from neighbouring hosts, or from the street. Don´t let anybody or anything disturb you. Tune your day mode to suit your current mood. You can just restfuly walk the nearby meadow, lay down and listen how the birds are singing, or discover the surroundigs from the seat of your byicicle, search the forrests for mushrooms. The nearest surroundings also contain numerous castle ruins, sport places or cultural amenities. If you wish, stay and use the garden house, light a fire in the fireplace and do some barbecue. Or just sit with a bottle of wine by the chimney in the living room. There are plenty of possibilites and we can say that the distances to the most attractive places in South of Czech Republic are equal to every side. E.g. Český Krumlov, České Budějovice, Novohradské mountains, Lipno, Šumava, beautiful nature, turistical tracks, cycle tracks, ponds, dams (swimable), forrests and rocks – that all is at hand. Even the Alps or some winter sport centres (Kramolín nad Lipnem, Sternstein, Hochficht) are reachable.

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