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It is not difficult to find our cottage, but for completness we bring you brief instructions.
The most common way, you probbably arrive to Kaplice is the international route E55. In both directions (from Dolní Dvořiště or České Budějovice) there are several roadsigns showing where you have to turn. After entering the city continue on the main road untill you reach the square, then after cca 50 m turn right – direction to Malonty. After one kilometer or so you will exit the city, drive down a hill and over a Malše river bridge. Right then there is a turn-off to Mostky on the left. The road continues for antoher kilometer and a half and you finally arrive to the village. There is only one turn-off to the right, up the hill. When you´ll pass a house with a chapelle on the left turn to the right. On the right side you will see two cottages from which the farest one is ours, another 30 m by an unpaved road and you´re there.


48°43'28.65"N; 14°30'59.91"E

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Otevři v novém okně VĚTŠÍ MAPU

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