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You find yourself at: Kaplice with its surroundings

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Kaplice and its surroundings are situated on the borderland between Novohradské mountains and Šumava. Both areas contain beautiful nature, Šumava is one of the Czech National Parks. It´s useless to write here things that were already written elsewhere, so let us give you some intersting links that are competent to give you possibly every informatin about our region and microregion.


The village consists of only nine houses, which are permanently inhabbited. Our house stays in a half lone place, from three sides the house is surrounded by greenery, only on the south side we do have a neighbour. The rest of our neighbours aren´t closer than 100 m. There is no shop in the village, the nearest possibilty of shopping could be found in Kaplice, that is 2 km far. If needed we will gladly help you with the shopping, we can also give you turistical and cycling maps of the nearest surroundings or for the whole South part of the Czech Republic. We are able to give you many advices for trips, if you wish. Directly at the place of accomodation we gladly give you Petang balls, society games, badbinton rackets, child´s swing and nobody will disturb you, if you wish to use the outside sitting, summer house or fireplace. Finally we give you some informations about sports you can play. We are talking about possibilities in the nearest surroundings of the house or the village.

Turistics – plenty of turist tracks in the nearest so the farest surroundings
Cycling – beautiful tracks containing asphalt tracks so the woodland tracks, depending on the ground mostly middle difficult
Swimming – nearest two natural ponds are about 1,5 km far (accessible by car), river Malše is 2 km far
Tennis – possibility to reserve a rental in Kaplice
Squash - possibility to reserve a rental in Kaplice
Fishing – mentioned ponds and the Malše river
Mushroom collecting – the nearest forrest is only 0,5 km far.
Horse trips – possible to ensure in nearest surroundings (Malonty 5 km, Omlenice 5 km)
Museums and Culture - Kaplice, Bujanov, Český Krumlov, České Budějovice…and more castle ruins
Castles – in the nearest surroundings a lot of places (for further details see Advices for trips)

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