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We were trying to make such interior, that would be souitable for a family holiday or for a community of friends. We also had goal that the apartment will be above standardly equiped and at the same time elegant. The final capacity of the apartment allows us to accommodate two families with children at the same period. In the Photogallery there are some specific pictures of the interior. Informations which we find most important are mentioned below.

The apartment is completely separated from the ground level. Entrance to the attic is by an outside stairway. The stairway is about 2m high. The full apartment surface takes about 110 m2 . It consists of four rooms, three bedrooms, a living room with the kitchen and a passage. The first bedroom is besides other things equiped by a marriage bed. According to having the children at hand the room is connected to the neighbouring room by a rolling door. So its suitable as a children´s room. The so called children´s room is equiped with two separated beds and a blank bed. The third bedroom is in the central part of the apartment also equiped with a marriage bed. Child bed could be added to every room. Living room with kitchen mentioned before is besides the three piece suit (which can be used as a bed for two people so the maximum capacity of beds is 10) equiped with eating-table, TV sitting and also with chimney. Finally there is a fridge/freezer. For cooking a hot air roaster, glass-earthenvare desk, microwawe, quick-wire are prepared. A Dishwasher is also at hand. The kitchen is fully equiped with dishes. About the other apartments equipment, there is a toilet in the central part, which is separated from the bathroom. You can choose between using a bathtub or a shower bath. There is also a clotheshorse and the floor is heatable. The apartment is completely heated by electric boiler. In every room, there are several dormers. Everey single room has a window with a fly-net. A carpet is in the child´s room, a linoleum in the passage and a ... In the bathroom and on the toilet there are tiles.

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